Punch Production

What do I need to know?

Personalise your punch production

Welcome to Punch Production at Birmingham Assay Office! Our punch room is the creative hub that supplies a variety of punches to both our hallmarking department and external customers.

For our internal operations, we craft sponsor marks, logos, and hallmarking punches tailored to meet specific requirements. External customers have the opportunity to acquire individual logo punches or multiple punches based on their unique needs. In fact, other assay offices have reached out to us, and we proudly supply hallmarking punches to them as well.

Creating a punch from scratch is an art form at Birmingham Assay Office. We begin with a line drawing and transform it into a 3-dimensional model, which serves as the foundation for crafting the punch. Our engraving process involves a detailed discussion with our customers to understand their requirements for the punch blank. Whether it’s a sponsor mark, a company logo, or a hallmark, we work closely with you to ensure the end result aligns perfectly with your vision.

Equipped with pantograph engraving and state-of-the-art laser machines, our workshop enables us to deliver a rapid and efficient punch manufacturing service. We can produce flat or curved punches on ‘traditional straight’ or ‘swan neck’ shanks. All we need from you is the necessary artwork to get started.

Our punches are meticulously cut by laser and finished by hand, ensuring an exceptional standard of craftsmanship. These punches are versatile, suitable for both hand marking and marking by press. We offer a range of sizes starting from 0.5mm, with a nominal upper limit of 6mm.

Choose Birmingham Assay Office for punch production that combines precision, creativity, and a commitment to delivering punches that make your mark truly special.


If choosing a punch, please remember that the metal will displace when a hallmark struck by hand is applied, therefore there will be bruising on the other side of the struck mark and your pieces will need finishing up. If your work is unfinished, a struck mark is recommended as the result is deep and can therefore withstand plating and general finishing. It is not recommended for very thin metals, delicate or hollow items.


It is not recommended for very thin metals, delicate or hollow items

When ordering punches, whether cranked (for rings only) or straight (for all other items), please bear in mind that all three compulsory marks will be of the same size and your items will need enough area to be able to apply the marks. For cranked punches, consider size K (1.00mm) for larger, thicker and chunkier rings, size L (0.75mm) for standard items and size M (0.50mm), for fine, thin, delicate or wire work rings. For 22ct and 24ct items we would advise to have an N size (0.38mm) or M size (0.50mm) for thicker items. This is due to these fineness’s being softer and more delicate, which means they cannot withhold a larger punch size.

Please remember that when items are punch marked the hallmark will appear very slightly larger. When submitting smaller jewellery items, including earrings, jump rings on chains or small pendants, we would recommend choosing size M or L.