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Jewellery valuations

Discover our independent Jewellery valuations service

You can count on our top-notch independent Jewellery valuations service in the UK, offered by over 1,000 friendly high street retailers. Our team consists of highly qualified and experienced valuers, boasting more than 150 years of combined expertise in the field. We take great pride in our competence and wealth of knowledge.

With unwavering dedication and a commitment to industry best practices, our expert valuers employ the latest gemmological equipment to meticulously assess your jewellery, watches, or silverware. The result? A professional, impartial, and independent valuation every single time. It’s important to note that we have no personal interest in your items or their replacement value, assuring you an unbiased opinion with every evaluation.


Our Valuation services include Insurance Replacement, Probate, Family Division, Sale Between Parties All item images and details are held securely on our database and can be verified to your insurer with your permission. We can provide valuations on jewellery items, watches and silverware. We also offer a Jewellery Assessment service which provides a comprehensive report on the item without a value.

We can offer a variety of ways for items to be valued, they can be sent to our offices directly or via a retailer. We work with specific stores to offer valuation days, whereby one of our expert valuers will be available for you to book an appointment with them to have your items value. Or If you have a large collection of items, we can offer you a unique opportunity to have one of our valuation experts visit you in your own home to provide valuations of your jewellery watches and silverware.

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How to submit a item
Jewellery valuations and submitting

If you are a new customer, please first download and complete the new customer form to provide us with all your details:

If you are an existing customer or private customer, please complete the submission form and send it along with your items. 

All items must be submitted with a form, failure to do so may result in delays.

Items can be sent via mail or courier or dropped off at our customer services counter.

Please ensure that you have read and agreed to the Terms and Conditions.

Our Charges

Charges for the services we provide can be found on our price list. If you are a trade customer please contact us and we can provide a trade price list along with further details on our turnaround times.

We do offer three services levels, standard, five days and same day. Items submitted on a standard service can be posted or dropped in to us during our opening hours without any pre-booking necessary.

Our two express services (five days and same day) are run on an appointment basis, please contact us to discuss this further.

Please note that our express services are subject to availability and may be not be possible on complex items.  


When sending an item in for valuation it must be submitted with the submission form, which can be found on our website. We would also ask you to supply any other relevant paperwork you have for the item, such as previous valuations, purchase receipts, service history and certificates. If you are submitting a watch, we would also ask to see the original box, if you do not want to send the original box or paperwork, photocopies and images will be fine. If you do not have this information we can still provide a valuation for you.

For trade customers who’ve made bespoke items we would ask you to provide as much information as possible i.e. carat weights, known grades, manufacturing prices etc.

We can provide valuations for jewellery items, watches, silverware (including trophies, canteen, trinket box etc.), chains of office, Sovereigns and Krugerrands and precious metal pens. Please note we value sets as individual items.

We do not value clocks including carriage clocks. We can only value the Sovereigns, half Sovereigns and Krugerrands, these will be valued on the precious metal content only. If you would like a coin valued based on its rarity you would need to contact a valuer that specialises in coins.

Please contact us if you require a valuation on Ivory, Coral or anything else not listed, we would need more information before confirming we can value the item.

We can’t provide an updated valuation without assessing the item again. We are part of the National Association of Jewellers who guidance we follow on practices and procedures relating to valuations, regulations state that we must always see the item we are valuing. Our valuations state that the item has been physically seen and assessed on the given date on the valuation. Our valuer will also check the condition of an item, which can affect the value, it is important that the valuation reflects the items on the day it was assessed by a valuer.

Insurance companies ask customers to renew their insurance valuations every 3 – 5 years however we cannot state anything specific – the customer should always check they are adequately covered and all documents are as required for their own policy. You may also be required to get new valuation when moving to a new insurance company, please check with your insurance company on their requirements.

If you have moved address we can update the details on our system and if necessary provide a hardcopy of your valuation with your new address. We would advise that any valuation over 5 years old would be out of date and it would be best to have the item re-valued.

To notify us of your change of address, you can email us at

We can amend the details on our system free of charge, if you require a reprint a document transfer fee will be applied.

If you have sold or passed your item on to someone you can authorise a change of ownership. The original owner or shop needs to contact us via email to confirm the item is no longer in their possession and provide us with the new owner’s details. We would advise that any valuation over 5 years old would be out of date and it would be best to have the item re-valued.

To notify us of your change of ownership, you can email us at

We do charge a document transfer for this service.

We can provide a reprint of your previous valuation and send this to you via email or post. We would advise that any valuation over 5 years old would be out of date and it would be best to have the item re-valued.

To order a copy document, you can email us at

We do charge a document transfer for this service.

If you have lost or had an item stolen, you can contact us via email at and inform us of the loss, we can note this against your valuation on our system. If you require an update valuation on an item that has been lost or stolen we can provide this as long as we valued the item previously. The post loss valuation will need to be completed by the original valuer who assessed the item; please contact us so we can confirm which valuer previously valued the item and if we can complete a post loss valuation. The valuation will be presented in the form of a letter and will be based on the details given on our previous valuation with an updated insurance value. This valuation can then be supplied to your insurance company to help process the claim, we would advise speaking to your insurance company beforehand.

If you require a post loss valuation please email us on

We do charge a document transfer for this service.

Our watch valuations are based on a visual inspection only. Our valuations are not a guarantee of authenticity as we do not check the movement. We do ask that all watches be submitted with the guarantee/warranty, purchase receipts, service history if applicable and the original box. If you do not want to send the original box or paperwork, photocopies or images will be sufficient.

We do not value without supporting paperwork watches from Jacob & Co, Franck Mueller or Hublot.

If your watch is discontinued, the valuer will look at the second-hand market or a nearest new alternative value, the valuer will choose the most appropriate method. If your watch is current but on a waiting list, we would look to the second-hand market to find a suitable replacement value. Often with watches on a waiting list the second-hand value is higher than the current retail price and original box and papers can add a premium to the second-hand value.

The working condition and the watch’s overall condition may have an impact on the value, this will be considered alongside it’s age and the appropriate valuation approach.